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Our company, Gorod Technologiy (Gortec Management) has been founded in 2005 as proprietary trading firm focused on arbitrage strategies on Russian stock market.

In 2007, we started market-making business as one of the market makers on RTS Index options on derivatives section of RTS exchange (FORTS).

In 2008, World financial crisis had severely impacted Russian economy, but proven our strategy and risk-management system. We haven't left the market, but greatly expanded number of quoted contracts and further increased our market share.

As for 2010, we are among the leading operators of Russian derivatives and spot markets.

In year 2013 we have launched the high-frequency trading in FX market of MICEX as well as several other strategies.

During 2014-2015 our key activity is expansion of trading operations and expansion into new markets.

Our key to success is striving for new opportunities, great attention to details and doing our best to improve the technology we use.

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